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Welcome to 7th Grade!

Extra Help for math is available EVERY DAY at 7:30 a.m. (with an email the night prior) or at RECESS!!!!!!!

The 2017 Enrichment Club list can be found "In the Backpack" link on the school website.  I will be holding an Improv Club on Thursdays after school!

Helpful Math Resources:
Khan Academy
Youtube Channel - Patrickjmt

News and Information

Dear Parents,

1)  The PowerSchool parent portal will be opening again at the end of this week. For those of you who are unaware, the PowerSchool parent portal is where you are able to track all of your child's grades.  In October the school mailed home an envelope containing your child's access codes for the PowerSchool Parent Portal as well as a list of all their username and passwords for their online textbooks and online websites used by teachers (almost all classroom textbooks are available online). The list was also pasted in the back of each students’ agenda in grades K-8.  As was presented during “Meet the Teacher Night”, it is the parents’ responsibility to check their students’ grades. When you sign up with the PowerSchool parent portal you can set up your account to receive email messages of grades that have been updated. This can be an email every day or once a week. You can also log on through the website or app to check your child's grades daily and in every class you will be able to view daily or weekly participation grades, if your child is handing in homework, and of course their grades in tests and quizzes.  PowerSchool Parent Portal is a wonderful program where the teachers and parents work together to keep the students on track. If you need another copy of your access information, or need help in understanding the PowerSchool parent portal please contact Mrs. McHugh-Schreiber at bmchugh-schreiber5622@ollschool.org.  She will be happy to assist you in any way possible. 

2)  As of Friday, October 14, the students will be responsible for bringing home their agenda each day.  Inside the agenda is their list of usernames and passwords for all of their online textbooks, iXL, readtheory.org, and Google Classroom.  That same list with the addition of PowerSchool sign in was sent home to the parents.  
We want to encourage students to be responsible for their own usernames and passwords and will not be responding with their information for these websites as of today.  If there are any problems with the websites or the username/password is not working, please email the teacher and we will resolve the problem.  But please do not ask for the username or password, it is now the student's responsibility. 
**If you are having a problem with an online assignment due to technical difficulties, please email the teacher that assigned it to let them know.


Wednesday 5/24
Academic Olympics


Parents, Please check below for a note from each teacher as to what your child is learning this month in class. If you have any questions, please email them. All teacher emails are the firstinitiallastname@ollschool.org

ELA Class - BMchugh-Schreiber5622@ollschool.org

Math Class -​ kgribbin5622@ollschool.org

Religion Class- bsheehan@ollschool.org

Science Class- rpatch@ollschool.org

Social Studies - srekowicz@ollschool.org

Spanish Class- spanishteacher@ollschool.org
Art Class- vmontella@ollschool.org

Music/Chorus Class-

Physical Education Class- dtobin@ollschool.org

Health Class- dtobin@ollschool.org

Theatrical Arts- dstgeorge@ollschool.org

Orchestra/Band- emurphy5622@ollschool.org

Check Orchestra/Band class page.