Kindergarten K-2

Homeroom K-2 - Mrs. Monica Scali

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Welcome to Kindergarten!


The Kindergarten students will be wearing caps and gowns for their Moving-Up Ceremony.  The $20 fee for the caps and gowns is due by Friday, June 9th.  The caps and gowns will be sent home on Monday, June 12th.  

The Kindergarten end-of-year celebration will be held on Tuesday, June 13th.  Students may wear their gym uniforms on this day.  Students do not need to bring in a snack on this day.

The Kindergarten Moving-Up Ceremony will be held on Thursday, June 15th at 1:00 pm in the All Purpose Room.  All are welcomed!  You do not have a limit as to how many people attend. Students do not come to school in the morning.  Students should arrive at school at 12:30 pm wearing his/her cap and gown. June 15th is the LAST Day of School for Kindergarten! 
The following are the list of sight words that should be in your Word Box:  a, am, and, at, can, go, have, I, is, little, like, my, the, to, we, with, it, he, see, in, she, went, you, come, was, look, by, are, that, do, for, me, as, will, get, play, what, why, they, be.  Please continue to practice reading aloud and spelling these words.

If your child will be purchasing hot lunch, you can purchase a lunch punch card.  The cost for the lunch card is $80 for 20 lunches or $40 for 10 lunches.  If you purchase a lunch card, I will send home a note when your child's card is running low on lunches. 

Our class has Physical Education class on Thursday.  Please wear your gym uniform with white or black sneakers every Thursday.




Art Class - Mr. Montella

Music Class -Mr. Boulay

Physical Education Class - Mr. Tobin

Health Class - Mr. Tobin

Computer Class - Mr. St.George

Library - Mrs. Sullivan

Theatrical Arts - Mr. St. George

Chorus - Mr. Boulay