1st Grade

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I just wanted to give the parents a quick update. The children have been adjusting to first grade very nicely! They all are doing a great job following the directions as we prepare for their schedule of the day. They are listening carefully as we talk about what is needed for each class and then they are putting the necessary supplies in their backpacks. I am very proud of each of them and I know they will keep up the great work! Please complete and return the Superkids Reading Program information sheet as soon as possible. This will give you access to the Superkids parent portal.  After I enter the information you provide, you will receive an email from the Superkids Reading Program.  The email will provide directions on how to create your parent portal account.

Please complete and return to school all of the forms that were given out at "Meet the Teacher" night as soon as possible.  Thank you very much to those that already sent them in.

The first graders will have Physical Education every Wednesday.  Please wear your gym uniform with your white or black sneakers on Wednesdays.

If your child will be buying hot lunch, you must purchase a lunch card from the main office.  The cost is $50 for 10 lunches or $100 for 20 lunches.  I will send a note home when your child's lunch card is getting low on lunches.

Check here for some upcoming events and important information!

Teacher List:

ELA grades 1-3-- Mrs. Scali MScali5622@ollschool.org

Math grades 1-3 and Math Honors grade 7-8-- Ms. Lamberti KLamberti5622@ollschool.org

Social Studies grades 1-8-- Ms. Rekowicz SRekowicz5622@ollschool.org

Religion grades 1-8--

Science grades 1-3-- Mrs. Sullivan FSullivan5622@ollschool.org

LOTE grades 1-8-- Mrs. Maini MMaini5622@ollschool.org

Computer grades 1-3 and Library grades N-2-- Mrs. Sullivan FSullivan5622@ollschool.org

Chorus grades 1-8 Mr. Boulay JBoulay5622@ollschool.org

Music grades 1-8 Ms. Murphy EMurphy5622@ollschool.org

Art grades N-8 Mr. Montella Vmontella5622@ollschool.org Physical Education grades N-8 Mrs. Krieger EKrieger5622@ollschool.org


Please check out the homework calendar on the left hand side of this page. All homework will be posted by 3:30PM each day. Please check after 3:30 to make sure you complete your daily assignment.

Homeroom News:

Birthdays- Giavanna Vasconcellos - September 19th Isabella Martinez - September 20th John Maxwell - September 24th Todd Rauch - September 27th

Field Trip-

Please pray for-