4th Grade Homeroom

Image result for fall harvest pictures Welcome to 4th Grade! Reminder: half day tomorrow 11/8 am schedule. Friday school is closed in observance of Veteran's Day All Kids Stuff Coupon Books are due back on Monday November 13th.

Christmas Wreath Money is due tomorrow

Please pray for- Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad, and a soul that never loses faith in God.

Teacher List:

ELA grades 4-6-- Mrs. Zalenski JZalenski5622@ollschool.org

Math grades 4-8--DeSantis, Brian bdesantis@ollschool.org

Social Studies grades 1-8-- Ms. Rekowicz SRekowicz5622@ollschool.org

Religion grades 1-8-- Ms. Menneci MMenneci5622@ollschool.org

Science grades 4-8-- Mr. Patch RPatch5622@ollschool.org

LOTE grades 1-8-- Mrs. Maini MMaini5622@ollschool.org

Chorus grades 1-8 Mr. Boulay JBoulay5622@ollschool.org

Music grades 1-8 Ms. Murphy EMurphy5622@ollschool.org

Art grades N-8 Mr. Montella Vmontella5622@ollschool.org Physical Education grades N-8 Mrs. Krieger EKrieger5622@ollschool.org



Please check out the homework calendar on the left hand side of this page. All homework will be posted by 3:30PM each day. Please check after 3:30 to make sure you complete your daily assignment.

The 4th grade will begin reading Love That Dog by Sharon Creech on October 6. Please make sure your child has this book by 10/6! This book will be used in school and at home for our Google Classroom!
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Homeroom News:


Field Trip- 1 On November 14, the 4th grade took a trip to Walt Whitman's Birthplace. They took a poetry workshop where they learned about different types of poetry. The class also took a tour of Walt Whitman's house and learned about his life. What Do You Believe A Poem Shd Do? By: Ntozake Shange quite simply a poem shd fill you up with something/ cd make you swoon, stop in yr tracks, change yr mind, or make it up, a poem shd happen to you like cold water or a kiss.