Homeroom 6-1

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6th Grade Class

Thank you so much to all of the amazing families of 6-1.  It has been a fantastic year!  Enjoy your summer!



ELA Class - 

All Summer Break Homework will be completed on Google Classroom!

​Online Textbook:​ https://my.hrw.com

My email:  

6th Grade Precept for Summer Break:
Precepts are words to live by.  Each month we will post a new precept to discuss.
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Math Class - kgribbin@ollschool.org

Chapter 2- Introduction to Algebra

Religion Class -
The students have been learning the different ways to discover God. The students will continue to learn about the different covenants, or promises, that God had with many people we read about in the Bible. 
Vocabulary: fidelity, piety



Science Class - rpatch@ollschool.org

​Students will begin by reviewing lab safety as well as science methods and procedures.

Social Studies- srekowicz@ollschool.org
Students are learning about Mesopotamia. 

Spanish Class- spanishteacher@ollschool.org

Art Class - vmontella@ollschool.org

Music/Chorus Class - jboulay@ollschool.org
As we continue covering basic rhythms and note values the students will engage in the discovery of melody and harmony. Please feel free to contact Mr. Boulay at jboulay5622@ollschool.org with any questions or concerns.

Physical Education Class - dtobin@ollschool.org

Health Class - dtobin@ollschool.org

Theatrical Arts - dtobin@ollschool.org

Orchestra/Band- emurphy5622@ollschool.org

Check Orchestra/Band class page.