Homeroom 8-1


Welcome to 8th Grade!

The 2017 Enrichment Clubs can be found "in the backpack."
The next bake sale is Thursday the 23rd of March! 
 Parents and 8th graders: Thank you so much for helping out with the 8th grade bake sales!

- Ms. Sheehan :) 

Note: Today in homeroom, the students went through their crates to help organize them! If books are missing, please contact me as soon as possible. 

Dear Parents,

   The PowerSchool parent portal will be opening again at the end of this week. For those of you who are unaware, the PowerSchool parent portal is where you are able to track all of your child's grades. 


    In October the school mailed home an envelope containing your child's access codes for the PowerSchool Parent Portal as well as a list of all their username and passwords for their online textbooks and online websites used by teachers (almost all classroom textbooks are available online). The list was also pasted in the back of each students’ agenda in grades K-8.


      As was presented during “Meet the Teacher Night”, it is the parents’ responsibility to check their students’ grades. When you sign up with the PowerSchool parent portal you can set up your account to receive email messages of grades that have been updated. This can be an email every day or once a week. You can also log on through the website or app to check your child's grades daily. 

And in every class you will be able to view daily or weekly participation grades, if your child is handing in homework, and of course their grades in tests and quizzes. 


       PowerSchool Parent Portal is a wonderful program where the teachers and parents work together to keep the students on track. If you need another copy of your access information, or need help in understanding the PowerSchool parent portal please contact 

Mrs..McHugh-Schreiber at bmchugh-schreiber5622@ollschool.org 

She will be happy to assist you in any way possible. 



Mrs. Louise Jane Krol 



1​- Ash Wednesday

- 8:30 School Wide Mass to receive ashes

3​- Stations of the Cross


6​- k-8 1⁄2 Day dismissal

- Faculty Meeting

PTA Meeting at night

10​- Stations of the cross NOON 

11​- CampsRUs open house 12:30-2:30

15​- Spelling Bee grades 5-8 
12:15 APR

17​- End of second trimester.

23​- All students 1⁄2 day dismissal

24​- Stations of the Cross NOON

27-31​ 4th and 6th grade 




Parents, Please check below for a note from each teacher as to what your child is learning this month in class. If you have any questions, please email them. All teacher emails are the firstinitiallastname@ollschool.org

ELA Class - 

Unit 1 in the Collections textbook.

Math Class -​ 

Religion Class- bsheehan@ollschool.org

The students are working on Chapter 3.
The vocabulary words are: Vocal Prayer, Meditation, Contemplation

Science Class- rpatch@ollschool.org

Social Studies - srekowicz@ollschool.org
Students are learning about Reconstruction and the New West.

Spanish Class- spanishteacher@ollschool.org
Art Class- vmontella@ollschool.org

Music/Chorus Class- jboulay@ollschool.org
 As we continue covering basic rhythms and note values the students will engage in the discovery of melody and harmony. Please feel free to contact Mr. Boulay at jboulay5622@ollschool.org with any questions or concerns.

Physical Education Class- dtobin@ollschool.org

 Health Class- dtobin@ollschool.org

Theatrical Arts- dstgeorge@ollschool.org

Orchestra/Band- emurphy5622@ollschool.org

Check Orchestra/Band class page.