Kindergarten K-1
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                  Homeroom K-1  Mrs. Messmer
Dress Up Day tomorrow, April 12th for $1:)
Our next school mass will be held on Wednesday, April 12th at 8:30 am.  All Are Welcomed!
Wednesday, April 12th is an Early Dismissal Day.  Students will be dismissed at 11:30 am.  After Care will not be held on this day.

SAVE THE DATE: The Kindergarten Mother's Day Tea will be held on Wednesday, May 10th at 1:00 pm in the Parish Center.  The children come to school at the regular morning time and the moms should arrive at 1:00 pm.  If a mom is not able to attend, another family member is welcomed to attend. More information will follow.


Please practice reading and writing your child's sight words with them. We will be starting spelling tests soon. Here are our sight words:the, am, a, little, like, have, to, we, my, go, and, by, I, at,  was, is, in, can, it, be, zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, he, she, with, all, went, me, all, you, see, are, has, as, out, come, that, will, get, play.

 Diocese of Rockville Centre :Kindergarten Rubric
3- Meets age appropriate expectations. Performance on task is consistently apparent.

2- Shows progress in meeting age-appropriate expectations. Performance on task is emerging.

1- Does not meet age-appropriate expectations. Performance on task does not meet expectations.

If your child will be purchasing hot lunch, you can purchase a lunch punch card.  The cost for the lunch card is $80 for 20 lunches or $40 for 10 lunches.  If you purchase a lunch card, I will send home a note when your child's card is running low on lunches. The lunch menu is:

Helpful Educational Websites

Phonics song-

Vowel song-

Counting to 100-

Alphabet Song-


Art Class - Mr. Montella

Music Class - Mr. Jacob Boulay

Physical Education Class - Mr. Tobin

Health Class - Mr. Tobin

Computer Class - Mr. St. George

Library - Mrs. Sullivan

Theatrical Arts - Mr. St. George