Orchestra and Band

OLL Orchestra & Band with Ms. Murphy Lyrics of the week: "One day I'll know how far I'll go." (scroll down for lesson schedules and information) (check Useful Links tab for Playing Test Rubric) Practice! Practice! Practice! Our June 1st concert is rapidly approaching. NYSSMA Students: Keep practicing your piece and scales! -April 25 at West Islip High School -times were emailed out


-Rehearsals are every Tuesday during recess.
-Check weekly lesson schedule. Lessons are either Monday or Tuesday.

Orchestra Lessons
Date Mon. April 24 Tues. April 25
Period 1 X X
Period 2 Group F- Bass X
Period 3 Group C- Violin X
Period 4 Group E- Violin X
Period 7 NYSSMA Help NYSSMA Help
Period 8 X Group B- Violin
Period 9 NYSSMA Help Group A- Violin
Period 10 Group D&G- Violin NYSSMA Help

Orchestra Lesson Groups
Group A- Violin Group B- Violin Group C- Violin Group D- Violin Group E- Violin Group F- Bass Group G- Violin
Niason DaCosta Giovanna Ponte Christopher Jean-Pierre Alivya D'Allessandro Hailey Davis Eryn Brodtman Rachel Santiago
Diana Bernard
Keira Heller Brooke Bilich Gabriella Lherisson
Evetaina Pierre
Jessica Guardado Carl W. Jones III


-Rehearsals are every Wednesday during recess.
-Check weekly lesson schedule. Lessons are one period Wednesday-Friday.

Band Lessons
Date Wed. April 26 Thurs. April 27 Fri. April 28
Period 1 X Group M- Trumpet X
Period 2 Group B- Flute Group A- Flute Group L- Clarinet
Period 3 Group C- Clarinet Group G- Sax X
Period 4 Group J- Trumpet Group E- Clarinet X
Period 7 X Group D- Clarinet Band Make-Ups
Period 8 Group K- Trombone Group I- Trumpet X
Period 9 X Group F- Sax X
Period 10 X Group H- Trumpet X

Band Lesson Groups
Group A-Flute Group B- Flute Group C- Clarinet
Skyla Sladky Sophia Herman Ella Bosco
Faith Troiano Kiera Davis Avery Beyrouty
Group D- Clarinet Group E- Clarinet Group F- Sax Group G- Sax
Molly Dale Elizabeth Gmelch Aiden Kerns Gianna Spence
Adrianna Incristo Madalena DiPietrantonio
Group H- Trumpet Group I- Trumpet Group J- Trumpet
Anthony Casimano Robert Gmelch Christian Jean-Pierre
Matteo Russo
Group K- Trombone Group L- Clarinet Group M- Trumpet
Erin McCloud Leah Cardona-Olivero Olivia Nador