Prayer Corner

Welcome to our Prayer Corner

We understand that we need to pray each day, reflecting on the blessings and graces God sends us. 
We do this so when hard and difficult days come we will remember and know we can turn to God
for grace, consolation and peace.

Let us bring our hopes and needs to Jesus, as we pray for:

 Allesandra Ponzio, OLL School Class of 2015
Allan Turner, uncle of Sebastian Flores 
Ida Ferrucci, grandmother of Brooke and Andrew Bilich
Albert Caruso, Grandfather of Nicholas Caruso 
Baby Adeline Asserno, relative of Mrs. Gregg's friend 
Wanda Appold, mother of Madison Appold
Glenn Davis Sr., grandfather of Hailey and Keira Davis 
Frances Hagstotz, grandmother of Isabella Ruisi 
Betty Buatti, grandmother of Ms. McHugh 
Thomas James Hicks, OLL student
Aaron Sisa, First Grade Student & Friend
Walter Peghi
Irma Fortis, grandmother of Sophia and Isabella Rodriguez

For the continued good health of our school's  friend, Claire Hopkins

and for the repose of the soul of all those who
 are departed that we hold dear in our hearts:

Mary Lynn Winters, aunt of former students Nicholas & Emily Zotto
Naomi Oquendo, grandmother of Keira Rodriguez
Richard Colasonno
, grandfather of Richie Colasonno
Hilda Marie Raffaele, great-grandmother of Luke, Ava and Ella Bosco
Dorothy Phalen, grandmother of Ms. Diesu
Modesta Loschiavo, grandmother of Anthony Martinez
Maria Polio, great-grandmother of Gloria Williams
Mrs. Marian McNamara, Msgr. Brian's mother

Thomas McAuley, grandfather of Alexa & Christopher Sweeney

Edward Garnett, father of Father Andrew
Marilyn Larson
Sheila Sustrin, children's author who has visited our school

Philip M. Sivilli, grandfather of Amelia Sivilli

Helen Revell, Great-Grandmother of Kevin, Emma & Hope Carolan
Ruth Trevithick, good friend of Carly Santore's grandparents
Louis Anthony Rendina Jr.